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Ancestral Abundance Academy

Heal Your Lineage + Connect to Ancient Wisdom

Welcome to Ancestral Abundance Academy! We all have Divine DNA within.  This sacred container is a live 12 week group course where we will journey and explore your relationships with The Ancestors, Spirit Guides, your Inner Child and Highest Self.

Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy

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The course is rooted in my years directly working with intergenerational trauma + resilience in my roles as a trained mental health therapist + spiritual healer. It incorporates modern therapy techniques, energy healing, and shamanic guidance to bring you deep into the root of your wounds, unearthing the ancient wisdom within. The course has been a private offering up until this point and by guiding clients into this deep soul work, I have seen incredible results. Clients that have gone through this curriculum have discovered psychic gifts, met Ancestors they had never known before and healed deep inner child wounds that had been holding them back from healthy relationships + aligned careers. 


 Spirit led me to offer it as a group so we can all learn and grow in community with one another's Ancestors. Collective healing comes from individual healing, and individual healing comes from support in community. When we step into Ancestral work, our worlds shift in miraculous ways, opening up more space for joy, abundance and deep wisdom. 

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By the end of week 12 you will have:

  • Shamanic Journeying Skills

  • Tools + Rituals for connecting with The Ancestors

  • Relationships with healthy spirit guides 

  • Relationships with other supportive community members doing this work 

  • Practical tools for increasing your intuitive + psychic abilities 

  • A clear sense of Self + direction on your path

This 12 week commitment is bundled with access to Ceremony Space, a virtual community offering monthly ceremonies rooted in ancient modalities such as Yoga, Cacao, Shamanic Journeying, Hypnosis, Sound Healing + much more magic. Ceremony Space is a warm,
loving community to hold + guide you through your spiritual journey.


Each one of us has access to the Wounds + Wisdom of our Ancestors, once we open to it. I invite you to open to it with me + Your Well Ones, The time for deep healing is now. 

Our first sacred container of Ancestral Abundance Academy opens February 1st and will not open again until June 1st. Please sign up here: Ancestral Abundance Academy ( before February 1st or email April to get on the waitlist for June at
With Love + Reverence,
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Ancestral Abundance Academy + Ceremony Space Membership 

Ancestral Abundance Academy is a 12 week live course guiding you deep into your inner world to explore Ancestral wounds + wisdom, unlocking your greatest gifts + richest abundance. Through this membership you will also have access to Ceremony Space, a virtual community with live ceremonies exploring ancient traditions/healing modalities. 

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