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5 Rituals for Spring Equinox

Welcome to Spring! The energy of rebirth, new beginnings, and renewal is here. After what feels like a long, dreary, pandemic-y winter, this spring feels like a literal and figurative true breath of fresh air. So how do we honor it?

Per usual, my suggestion is to take some deep breaths, tap into your intuition and ask your body + spirit what would feel most helpful, loving and joyful for today. What do you feel called to do, share, feel? What energy do you feel called to be in today? Do you feel called to be social, expressive, quiet + contemplative or somewhere in between? Whatever you are feeling during this shift in seasons, honor that first and foremost.

And if you're open to ideas, here we go:

  1. Create a Spring Altar

A spring altar can be whatever you'd like it to be. I recommend placing items on your altar that represent the energy of the sacred direction East, which represents Spring. If your altar can face East, that's powerful. The color representing East on the Native American Medicine Wheel is yellow, so incorporating yellow into your altar is a bonus. The element of the East is Air. How can you incorporate air into your altar: feathers, levity etc? Certain crystals or oils bring the feeling of rebirth to people. Which ones represent this for you?

And finally, how can you bring the element of JOY into your altar?

2. Spring cleaning!

Spring is a time for new beginnings. In order to create sacred space for new beginnings, we must release some of the old energy. What items in your home or primary environment feel heavy? Where can you rid clutter not only in your physical life but your inner world as well? Writing out your thoughts/task lists to get them out of your inner mind is extremely helpful!

As you're cleansing your space, energetically cleanse it as well. Speak positive words into the space like love, cleansing, joy, peace, and so on. When you speak these words out loud you infuse them into your space, creating a warm, loving presence in your home. Smudging is an option as well. If you choose to smudge with smoke, be sure to use sustainable herbs or infuse oils in your home to energetically cleanse.

3. Write out your goals

Writing is a powerful manifestation tool. What are your goals for this next season? Write them out, share them with others. Put them in a place you will see daily!

If you want to take it a step further, create a Springtime vision board to represent what you're calling in for this season! I like using Pinterest to create my vision boards these days.

4. Flower Gazing

Flowers are an incredible sign of growth, transformation and renewal. If you have access to flowers in nature, great! If not, buy some flowers for yourself or if that's not an option look at pictures of flowers. Sit next to the flowers, taking deep breaths, and begin gazing into them. Imagine the colors moving into your body, creating a peaceful, expansive feeling. Green and pink are the colors of the heart chakra, so if your flowers have those colors, allow the colors to move into your heart space, opening your heart to the love you will experience this season.

As you gaze, listen to the flowers. Are they speaking anything to you? Do you see any images in their reflection? Allow yourself to sit with these loving flower friends as long as you'd like. Consider putting some on your altar and come to the altar daily to pray, meditate and gaze :)

5. Tap into the energy of joy

You feel it, that deep breath of fresh air after a long heavy winter. It sparks joy ;) So what else sparks joy for you right now? Take some time to tap into your inner child and find out. Feel free to check out my inner child meditation to help you in connecting with your child like joy.

For a lot of us creating connects us to joy. What is one thing you can create today? A poem, a cake, a song, a spring vision board? Create, breathe, allow the rebirth energy of Spring bring you into expansion.

And remember, these are ideas you can do throughout the spring season, not just on the Equinox.

Sending you love and expansive energy,


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