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7 Ways to Prep For a Virtual Healing Session

I get it, seeing a healing practitioner in person is so cozy, rewarding and comfy. I miss seeing you in person too! However, during these interesting times when virtual sessions are our best, safest option, we need to make the most of it. Plus, you get to wear your pajamas while receiving your treatment;)

Receiving distance energy healing, guided journeying or truly any other virtual healing treatment can be just as, if not MORE, comfy than in person with a few steps! Let’s face it, we are likely spending more time on facetime, zoom and skype than not, so these 7 easy tips can apply to your other non-healing meetings as well!

  1. Location, location, location. Where you choose to sit or lay during a virtual session matters. If possible, make sure your space is:

-Quiet and has great reception or wifi

-Clean, free of clutter or work materials that may distract

- Has good enough lighting for your practitioner to see you

-In an area where others in your home are able to give you privacy (Let your loved ones know ahead of time that you’re unavailable during the session)

2. Energetic Cleanse: Our homes carry energy that we don’t necessarily need in our session with us. To clear:

-Light a candle of intention. Light the candle and say a mantra or prayer asking the space to be cleared

-Utilize rose water, incense, or a diffuser to infuse peaceful aromas into your space

-Take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine golden light filling your space

3. Get Comfy: -Wear whatever is comfortable for you! The cozier, the better.

-Most sessions can be done with you sitting or laying down. Get your favorite pillows or blankets!

-Tea please! Make your favorite relaxing tea (I love chamomile/peppermint) or grab a glass of water and infused an intention into it.

4. Technology: -Try out the tech beforehand so you’re comfortable with it before the session. I use Zoom for video sessions.

Zoom has great tutorials

-Close out of any other programs/websites you don’t need so you can stay focused

-Put your other devices on airplane mode or do not disturb

5. Music:

-Get some relaxing music ready to play on your end. I love Spotify and have created a healing playlist you can listen to

-Otherwise check out relaxing playlists on Youtube like this one

-If you prefer silence, decide if you would like some background noise like a fan or water feature.

6. Take Your Time: -A lot can come up in these session! Give yourself time afterward to breathe, call a friend, write and just “be” with yourself after the session before jumping into your next call!

-A nice long shower or bath followed by a nourishing meal is a great way to keep the healing energy flowing after. I’ve been liking this delicious meal lately.

7. Ask Questions:

-Always feel welcome to ask your healing practitioner how to prepare/what to expect from a virtual session

-Read reviews of others' experiences with virtual sessions from the practitioner to see if there's any info that will help you prep

-And of course, simply rest, relax and allow yourself to receive without expectations.

I hope these tips serve you well as you receive virtual services in the upcoming season of your journey. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at :) I hope to see you for a virtual healing session soon!

With virtual love and warmth,


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