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Books and Podcasts to Support Your Spiritual Healing Journey

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

As a spiritual healing guide I often am asked what books have influenced my spiritual journey and supported me in my growth. The first book I read that opened me up to energy and the concept of healing beyond my traditional therapy trained mind was Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein. My friend lent me a beat up copy of it to take with me on my journey to South Africa and I devoured all of it on the 30+ hour long plane ride. From there I was hungry for more perspectives on alternative healing.

This list ranges from anti-racist books to teachings on tantra, trauma healing, to creativity, chakras and beyond. It is definitely not an exhaustive list but the books that stand out to me the most when I think about what has shaped me as a practitioner and lover of alternative spiritual therapies.

For fiction (which I absolutely love) I recommend reading anything by Jhumpa Lahiri. These may not be considered "traditional" spiritual help books but she has shaped the way I witness other cultures and how I approach world views/traditions different than mine in my work with others. Unaccustomed Earth is a favorite of mine.


I don’t listen to podcasts a ton because I love listening to music so much but podcasts I love:

The Undergrowth Marisa Hope Benson & Alia Pollet ( I make an appearance on this one, Season 1, ep.2-take a listen)


Befriend Your Brain(Free) By Darla Millstein I'm currently making my way through this one and it has been a game CHANGER in my day to day habits!

I always recommend reading/listening to what calls to our heart while stretching us beyond our comfortable perspectives. I hope these recs are supportive for you wherever you are on your journey :)

If you liked these recommendations and want more, come join me in the free Ceremony Space community where we share book, podcast and music recommendations often!

Happy reading,

April Jay

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