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How To Make Moon Water + What To Do With It

You may have heard that our relationship with the moon is important. For me, it's one of the most important relationships I have. I refer to the moon as "Grandmother Moon" as this is what I was taught in community with Native Elders at a young age. These days, she and I are pretty close so I tend to call her "Grandma." She doesn't seem to mind that :) There are many ways we can connect with this wise grandmother but today we talking about moon water.

What is Moon Water?

Moon water is water charged by the moon to later use for cleansing, rituals, empowering or manifesting purposes. Some astrologers say you shouldn't charge water during a new moon, others say don't do it on a full moon. Everyone has their opinion. From what I've seen, most agree: Don't charge moon water during an eclipse. Per usual, my response is: tap into the energy, ask if it's a healthy time for you to charge some moon water and trust your intuition. Listen for guidance or drop into your "gut" and see what the answer is. This is a great practice in developing your intuition too. We will chat later about different ways to use moon water but one thing to note is, this water is infused with the wise, powerful, rich energy of the moon once charged.

How Do I Make Moon Water?

1. Start With a Container

I suggest using a container that is clean and not made of plastic. Plastic holds lots of toxins so it isn't ideal for this work. If the container has been used before-no worries. Cleanse it with water and while cleansing it, energetically clear it by visualizing a pure light flowing into the container and releasing any negative energy. I like to use a clear glass jar. you could get creative and paint your jar, making it beautiful + sacred.

2. Just Add Water

Add clean water to the container. Distilled or fresh spring water is ideal. If you don't have that, simply energetically cleanse the water you have. You can learn how to do that on my blog here.

3. Place Your Full Jar Under The Moon

Place the jar somewhere that isn't blocked from the moon. This can be in your yard, in nature somewhere nearby or if you don't have access to a yard, put it in your windowsill where the moon can reach it.

4, Set An Intention

Allow the water to sit there overnight during whichever moon phase you choose. It is best if it is there the night that the full moon or new moon is in its peak. You can look this up online or get a moon journal to keep track!

Then hold the jar to your heart, say a prayer or setting an intention before you leave the water. Some leave the water uncovered and others put a clear wrap or cloth over it. I like to say a prayer of gratitude for the water, the moon and Mother Earth before asking for the water to be charged with a specific energy. Depending on where you are at on your healing journey, you may ask the water to bring a specific blessing, to heal a certain part of you, or to simply have high frequencies placed within it with the guidance of Grandmother Moon inside of it. Whatever intuitively comes to you when you place the water in its special spot, is exactly right.

5. Pick Up Your Charged Water + Use It!

Sometime the next day, go get your water that's now charged with incredible moon energy! Thank Grandmother for the blessings. You can now begin using your charged water. I encourage you to ask the water how it would like to support you in your journey. Hold the water and simply feel into the energy. What first comes up when you think about using the water? Go with that.

Here are a few ideas about how to use your moon water:

  • Drink it straight up while setting an intention or asking for guidance

  • Boil it for tea or coffee

  • Put some into a bath

  • Cleanse your crystals/sacred objects with it

  • Place some on your altar as an offering to your guides + ancestors(I love this one)

  • Make it into a cleansing spray with oils + intentions to clear your space

  • Water plants

  • Place it into a bowl while your journal about something you're manifesting, sprinkle the water on the pages gently

  • Put it on your third eye for increased intuition

However you end up using your moon water, give gratitude to Grandmother for the blessings and heightened vibration while putting your unique flavor into its use. Listen to your intuition and know there are many moon cycles to experiment with what feels right in regard to making your moon water and using it.

If you feel called to do these types of ceremonies in a community, please join Ceremony Space, a place for rituals, ceremonies + community. We dive deep into magic, healing and expansion with one another. I hope to see you there.

May the coming Lunar Cycles bless you, heal you and guide you into a deeper relationship with Grandmother + Yourself.

With love + ritual,

April Jay

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