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Spiritual Spring(or anytime) Cleaning Tips

I noticed in my last few 1:1 mentorships, a huge focus with my clients was cleansing + clearing. One client cleared out her entire basement with the support of her Spirit team we introduced her to in our sessions. Another client cleared years of ancestral karma by burning old photos and journals that were keeping her stuck in toxic patterns.

Another client cleared her phone and computer of old files and found she was 100000% more clear on her dream and desires after. Why is cleaning essential to growth? Because it creates literal space for new, vibrant, aligned energy to come through. Spring is the start of the astrological year so many think of it as the new year-what a potent time to create new space in your life!

Cleansing and clearing of intimate objects like journals, files, antiques etc can be emotional since they hold memories, meaning and energy

Here are my tips to make cleaning and clearing a smoother, less daunting process:

1. Choose 1 area to start. Where do you feel most stagnancy/clutter? Is is a particular room, a car, technology, a box in the closet weighing on you? Start there.

2. Ground first. Again, clearing can bring a ton up. Grounding will help you digest any emotions that may arise.

Put on an earthy essential oil, light a calming candle. Drink your favorite tea. Say a prayer for support and peace, walk outside barefoot. Whatever makes you feel safe and in your body, do that.

3. Make it fun! Turn on a podcast or playlist that lifts you up! For whatever reason I love listening to 90's country music when I clear. Shania Twain anyone?:)

4. Ask for support. Ask a friend to be there with you on the phone or in person to help you with discernment or just to witness you in this big energy shift! I offer this support in my 1:1 mentorships so book a call with me if you'd like to explore this support with me and your Spirit team.

5. Rest, reward, repeat. Take a break-you just did a lot(likely physically) but definitely emotionally! Reward yourself with a walk, chat with a friend, a bath, whatever feels nourishing for you!

Bonus tip-seal the area that you just cleared with positive energy. You can do this with visualizing light there, spraying a refreshing room spray(I make mine using rosemary and peppermint essential oils mixed with water) or a prayer of peace and protection. This keeps other stagnant energy from flowing in.

I would love to hear what you're called to clear and what magic, abundance, new energy flows into your life afterward!

I just cleaned and cleared my work desk and immediately after, had new clients + work opportunities show up!

If you need any extra support in this process feel free to email me or book a consult call.

In levity and peace,

April Jay

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