Beginning April 5, 2022  Tuesdays 6-8:30pm


Meditation and shamanic journeying are beautiful, verbal prayer is powerful and journaling can be healing BUT I honestly did not feel the impact of the ancestral healing I witnessed in the “ethereal” realms until I started combining all these techniques with dance, chanting and body work.


I am so damn passionate about breaking generational curses and I have experienced first hand and with clients that the most potent framework for clearing lineage karma is through the body. Allowing our bodies to be amongst OTHER bodies that are healing ancestrally is even more potent. 


That’s why I’m offering the Dance of the Abundant Ancestors Series. It’s time for more bodies to be empowered in our Ancestral gifts. Our DNA is ingrained in our BODIES which is why the healing must play in the body as well.


This series is body movement meets shamanic ceremony meets playful expression. Yes there will be deep healing but there will also be celebration, play, dance, and humor as medicine. 


The 6 Week Series Includes:


*Six 2.5 hour in person group sessions


 *Unlimited access to the 12 week self led course: Ancestral Abundance Academy


*Complementary access to Ceremony Space for 3 months(a $333 value)


*Community support via Voxer during the series,


*First access/discount to local and destination in person retreats


Series Outline:


1:Opening Ceremony: Water Magic, Dance + Calling on Our Ancestors


-Epigenetics Exploration(Can I really change my DNA??)

-Boundary Setting/ Ritual Safety

-Introduction to Dancing with our Guides



2: Pain + Pleasure Portal Play: 


-Connecting with Ancestors Somatically/Intuition Building to Connect with The Well Ones


3. Empowered Expression: Writing, Singing and Dancing with The Ancestors for Healing and + Celebration


-Practices to tap into the empowerment of your DNA and Ancestral Karma 


4. Witnessing One Another in Ancestral Healing, Storytelling, Movement and Beyond 


  • An evening of ecstatic expression, inviting our healthy Ancestors’ joy to move through us and witnessing the power of healing in community.


5. The Art of Integrating Ancestral Magic


  -Artful expression to bring all we've learned together in order to welcome true abundance in our lives. 


6. Closing Ceremony: Celebrating our Expansion with our Well Ones

By the end of this series you will feel confident in connecting with your healthy Ancestral Guides through dance, ritual and beyond. You will dance away from the experience feeling lighter and more free from heavy ancestral patterns in your life. You will be held in community, having made beautiful connections with others on this path. 


Once you purchase the series you may download the document with all the details you need.


I look forward to dancing in joy + healing energy with you and your Well Ancestors! 

Dance of The Abundant Ancestors Series