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Join Psychic Coach + Healing Mentor April Jay Tasi for an immersive evening of spiritual exploration and healing at Black Moon Healing in Portland, Oregon. Gather in a serene and welcoming environment as we tap into the depths of intuition and connection to higher realms!


Our session begins with a healing meditation to center ourselves and open to the energy around us. April will then initiate the channeling process, inviting in spiritual guides, ancestors, and higher beings to share their wisdom and healing energies with the participants, individually and as a group. 


In addition to receiving guidance through the messages, you'll receive energy healing to create space for ease and peace wherever you're at on your path.  Through this shared experience, we'll nurture a sense of unity and support, allowing each individual to release blockages and embrace transformative healing energies.


 Whether you're seeking guidance, healing, or simply a deeper connection to the spiritual realm, this in person Psychic Channeling Group offers a sacred space for exploration, healing, and transformation:)


Psychic Channeling Group

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