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The time is now to hold the healers. To support those uplifting the world. This is what makes the world a better, more loving place.                                                     -April

About April Jay

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Hey there,
I'm April Jay.

I’m a lover of music, movement, and intuitive healing arts. With a background as a published author in social science research, trauma informed therapy and family systems, I feel most lit up by all things empowering people to find freedom beyond their circumstances/ancestral patterns to live their most expansive, liberated life! 

My professional experience has extended to positions in mental health, including working in child protection investigation, serving high need patients in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, and working as a trauma therapist. I left the "traditional" world of therapy upon falling in love with energy healing and discovering my gifts as a highly intuitive medium/channeler. I passionately started my energy therapy business, and as such an Aries, hit the ground running.  I've guided hundreds of individuals through self transformation and awakening to their gifts, trained over 150 students in reiki/energy healing and led retreats internationally. 

While starting a new practice was exhilarating, I had zero idea what I was doing in terms of running a business. I desperately hired business coaches and virtual assistants hoping to find a solution. I took several business courses and learned many lessons the "hard way. I have no regrets because I gained invaluable experiences through many rebirth moments of my business.

After my 7,543rd rebirth, I noticed my peers asking me for business advice/support so often that it felt like a second job. And one that I love! I shine when I'm able to empower those who are empowering others. I love holding space for and lifting up the healers of the world. From there, I was initiated into my Mystic Manager role! 

Ultimately, I realized the coaches and courses were helpful but I didn't find the type of person I was looking for to assist me in my business; someone who honors co-creating with Source/God/The Universe AND values the need for logistical organization as a business owner. 

I truly believe the world will be a better place when money, resources and health are in the hands of those willing to uplift the frequency of the world- healers, coaches, holistic practitioners and artists!  And this happens when those businesses have strong foundations and support systems to help them run. That's where I come in :) 

On a personal note: I live amongst the trees in Portland, Oregon with my partner, pup and sweet son.  I have a deep passion for ocean medicine and feel grateful to travel often to my second home, Puerto Rico. I'm an Aries Sun, Pisces Moon and Leo Rising. In human design, I'm a Generator 4/6. In Gene Keys my life's work is 21(the manager archetype, hence my role as a mystic manager:) I love rap, romance novels and poetry.  If you're called to connect, book a call with me on my offerings page or email me at

In love + joy,

April Jay

About April
Why Water + Ancestral Healing

Why Water + Ancestral Healing

We are made of water. Our Ancestors are made from water. Water copies, carries and memorizes information, including DNA. Coming from our Mother’s womb, our deepest intergenerational wounds evolve from the water, creating a loss of our truth at a young age. This loss deprives us of knowing our real lineages, our ancestral wisdom, our innate gifts. It is your birthright to know your Ancestors and to tap into your ancient wisdom.


Since the water of the womb is where we often lose our healthy connections, it is where we must turn in order to retrieve our truth once again. I infuse ancestral connection and water healing techniques including Shamanic Journeying, breathwork, womb healing, water meditations, energetic water ceremonies, and cleansing rituals to bring us back home to our roots.  Ancestral healing is comprised of many practices which we explore. The  practice we explore the most in sessions, is directly connecting with your Ancestors to receive guidance, wisdom and healing. This connection is rooted in ritual safety and  empowers you to be the healer, in collaboration with your beautiful Ancestral guides.

Water Healing .jpg
Water Healing .jpg
What is Water Healing

What is Ancestal Healing

Ancestral healing comes in many shapes + forms and varies based on cultural and spiritual beliefs.  The way I honor and guide people through ancestral healing is by facilitating a connection between you and your Ancestors. This takes place in a ritually safe way by guiding you deep into your subconscious to access information about the wounds and wisdom of your Ancestors. Through these connections, you gain insight about the intergenerational patterns moving through your lineage and impacting you today. We connect with Healthy Ancestors in order to bring healing to the unwell.  We explore the gifts your Ancestors want to help you access so you can live in alignment, here and now. I recognize all of this may be new for you so we take it at a healthy, honoring pace.

Who Needs Ancestral Healing

Truly everyone with everyone! But especially if:


  • You notice yourself taking on patterns of unhealthy members of your family such as addiction, mental illness, toxic relationship patterns, physical illnesses that run in your family, chronic illness 

  • You feel a deep knowing that you have a soul purpose but you’re not quite sure what that is and feel blocked

  • You’re actively aware of trauma in your family line(s) such as war, addiction, murders, abuse + neglect, poverty, genocide, family secrets 

  • You feel disconnected from your family and Ancestors and want to learn more about them 


Recent studies in epigenetics show the pain of ancestors can continue for generations. It’s time to bring healing to our lineages, not only for ourselves but our children, friends, family and the collective.  


Let’s break these cycles. Book a consultation with me today to explore connections with your Ancestors!


What is Water Healing

Many traditions around the world have used water as a conduit for transformation and healing. The way in which they use it, varies greatly.  However, most traditions recognize that we are created in water, we come from the water of our mother’s womb, we are primarily made up of water. Water is the way we tap into our deepest emotions and this is why it has such an incredible healing impact on the human body + spirit. 

How I  use Water Healing with my Clients

I guide you to create a connection with water before helping your body float and surrender to its embrace. While holding you in the water, I am sending you energy healing, shifting + releasing unhealed parts and asking the water to alchemize this energy. 


The water you are in is blessed by my Guides + Ancestors so you are soaking up this healing energy as well. We do this work in natural bodies of water such as oceans, lakes and hot springs when accessible and if not, a tub or pool. At times, I gently submerge your body into the water, activating a deep surrender within you and releasing traumas through movement under water. 


We then gently bring you out of the water, connecting about your experience and creating a plan to integrate this healing into your day to day. 

What is Ancestral Healing
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