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The time is now to awaken your abundance + intuition.. The world is a more beautiful, harmonious place when we're connected to our inner Spirit.                                                     -April

About April Jay

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Hey there,
I'm April Jay.

I’m a lover of music, movement, and intuitive healing arts. With a background as a published author in social science research, trauma informed therapy and family systems, I feel most lit up by all things empowering people to find freedom beyond their circumstances/ancestral patterns to live their most expansive, intuitively led, liberated life! 

My professional experience has extended to positions in mental health, including working in child protection investigation, serving high need patients in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, and working as a trauma therapist. I left the "traditional" world of therapy upon a wake up call from Spirit after experiencing mental and physical health crises. I started exploring alternative healing methods to help with my symptoms of fatigue and burnout. I ended up falling in love with energy healing and discovering my gifts as a highly intuitive medium/channeler.


I passionately started my psychic coaching business, and as such an Aries, hit the ground running.  I've guided hundreds of individuals through self transformation and awakening to their gifts, trained over 150 students in reiki/energy healing and led retreats internationally. 

I offer a membership called Awakened Abundance which is a community of brilliant intuitives and spiritual seekers leaning into their gifts and spiritual healing. I also offer 1:1 mentorships and sessions. 

On a personal note: I live amongst the trees in Portland, Oregon with my partner, pup and sweet son.  I have a deep passion for ocean medicine and feel grateful to travel often to my second home, Puerto Rico. I'm an Aries Sun, Pisces Moon and Leo Rising. In human design, I'm a Generator 4/6. In Gene Keys my life's work is 21 and soul's purpose in 39(liberation, hence by greatest desire for liberation for you!)I love rap, romance novels and poetry.  If you're called to connect, book a call with me on my offerings page or email me at

In love + joy,

April Jay Tasi

About April
Water Healing .jpg
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