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Cosmic Connection
Cosmic Connection Call
30 minutes

Join me in a complimentary Cosmic Connection Call to explore how I can empower you through a psychic coaching mentorship. Psychic Coaching Mentorships are for those seeking ongoing psychic and mental health support through transitions in life/or your business. 

Awakened Abundance Mentorship
(Private 1:1)

The Awakened Abundance Mentorship is perfect for those wanting to receive  intimate ongoing psychic channeling and coaching to gain clarity + wisdom about your life. When we connect with our intuition, we connect to spiritual support to awaken abundance of love, wealth, and health in our lives.


It's also a space to learn to develop your own intuition in order to live a life of more self trust, ease and joy. 


The membership includes: 

The Awakened Abundance Workbook

Bi-weekly Psychic Channeling + Healing Sessions with April Jay

Voxer Voice + Text Messaging Support Between Sessions

First Access and Discounts for Retreats and April's Other Offerings 


Sacred Soul Individual Sessions

 This virtual Sacred Soul session combines energy cleansing, psychic mediumship, breath work, guided meditation, shamanic techniques and trauma informed therapy.


You will leave the session feeling lighter with clarity and recommendations for moving forward on your healing path. This session is for anyone wanting a deeper connection to Self, their Spirit team or simply in need of a deep energetic cleansing.  

Psychic Channeling Groups + Resources

 April offers psychic channeling + healing groups virtually and in person. Check out her current events and resources below:  

Group Mentorship
VIP Breakthrough Day
Talk Therapy Sessions
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