Cosmic Connection Call
45 minutes

Dive into a cosmic connection call with April to explore your Soul's deepest passions, purpose, and release blocks of pain to move forward in your most aligned life.


During this call, April will read your Soul's messages to guide you into a healing journey that's specifically aligned for you and your soul aligned goals.


What is a Starseed and am I one of them?


If the Universe brought you to read this, chances are you're a Starseed. A Starseed is an "old soul" with innate spiritual wisdom, that has arrived from another constellation or solar system. Starseeds are beings who choose to incarnate on this plant to share their wisdom, love, practices, and are meant to lead in the planet's evolution to bring healing for the greater good.

If you're a Starseed, you're a healer, a guide, a Divine being ready to ascend to your highest purpose.


Let's be real, being a Starseed can be beautiful and truly confusing.


How can we be such wise infinite beings in these very finite bodies?? How do I share all this wisdom? How do I navigate being a sensitive human in this chaotic world? How do I take the trauma from my life and use it to heal the world?


You don't have to navigate all of this alone!

As a Starseed myself, I thought I needed to figure all this out on my own. But then I started meeting other Starseeds, connecting with my guides, Angels and Ancestors and realized we are so supported when we know how to tap into the Divine support awaiting us.


I realized others need this type of support too. That is why I created the Starseed Support Series.




The world is WAKING UP and I know you are too. We all are.

And waking up is messy, so let's lift one another up through the mess.

You may be someone who has been on your healing journey for awhile now and are ready to

take it to the next level OR maybe you're new to energetic, ancestral, and spiritual healing.


If this is you I invite you into the Sacred Self Activation where we will be diving deep into your Ancestral, Karmic,

And Past Life healings to help you gain clarity, confidence and cosmic connection

to your deeper purpose as a light being on Earth.

Or maybe you have worked a ton on healing your wounds and

have gained wisdom to become a Soulpreneur. Whether you've started your business recently

or feel deeply called to start a Spirit led business, The Soulpreneur activation was made for you.


As soul and spirit led entrepreneurs, we don't always have the support we need to run a business in the "modern" world.


Maybe you've hired a business coach that left you wanting more "woo" and spiritually based techniques

or you haven't found a guide who has resonated with you on a soul level.


That happened for me too! Through my struggles and successes as a spiritual entrepreneur, I have learned an incredible amount and truly want to share it with you so we can have more healthy, wealthy and aligned Starseeds out in the world.

The Sacred Self Activation

The Sacred Self Activation: Includes monthly ceremonies to activate your highest truth, weekly 1:1 sessions to meet guides for your deepest ancestral and past life healings.


These sessions include psychic channeling, shamanic journeying, plant medicine, somatic embodiment practices and breathwork to turn your wounds to wisdom and activate your abundance codes.


During this 3 month activation you will have unlimited support, customized rituals and access to a Ceremony Space membership.

The Soulpreneur Activation

Includes Psychic business guidance, monthly business support groups, weekly 1:1 Soulpreneur support sessions with April to meet your Shamanic business guides, work through Ancestral money wounds, receive direct clarity on offering ideas, manifest soulmate clients, and align with the logistics of your business through a juicy, fun, creative lens.


During this 3 month activation you will have unlimited support, customized rituals and access to a Ceremony Space membership.