Private Healing Retreat

If you're craving a deep dive into healing, expansion, and transformation, this offering is for you.  With the help of my guides and your goals/desires, we will co-create a retreat for you designed to bring you into ecstatic joy, alignment and clarity. Private retreats often include past life healing, ancestral connection, movement therapy, psychic messages, energy healing and so much more to support you in this beautiful chapter of your journey. 

To explore a private retreat together, book a free consult below or email me at

1:1 Reiki Training Mentorship

Have you been called to learn Reiki? Do you feel you have intuitive gifts that are wanting to be explored and opened up? Reiki is a powerful modality that has opened up my psychic gifts and the gifts of over 100 students I have taught. 

This mentorship is designed to provide you with the tools you need to practice Reiki on yourself and others while also receiving support in opening up to your intuitive gifts. 

To explore a one on one reiki mentorship together, book a free consult below or email me at

Cosmic Connection Call
30 minutes

Dive into a cosmic connection call with April to explore a 3 month 1:1 mentorship or customize retreat for your Soul's deepest passions, purpose, and release blocks of pain to move forward in your most aligned life. This call is for you if you are ready to explore a mentorship or retreat with April and her Spiritual Team!

Sacred Soul Session(In Person or Virtual)

This session combines energy cleansing , mediumship, breath work,  guided meditation, sound healing,  Shamanic techniques, trauma informed therapy, psychic messaging and more. You will leave the session feeling lighter with clarity and recommendations for moving forward on your healing path. This session is for anyone wanting a deeper connection to Self, their Spirit team or simply need a deep energetic cleansing. 


The world is WAKING UP and I know you are too. We all are.

And waking up is messy, so let's lift one another up through the mess.

You may be someone who has been on your healing journey for awhile now and are ready to

take it to the next level OR maybe you're new to energetic, ancestral, and spiritual healing.


If this is you I invite you into the Sacred Self Activation where we will be diving deep into your Ancestral, Karmic,

And Past Life healings to help you gain clarity, confidence and cosmic connection

to your deeper purpose as a light being on Earth.

Or maybe you have worked a ton on healing your wounds and

have gained wisdom to become a Soulpreneur. Whether you've started your business recently

or feel deeply called to start a Spirit led business, The Soulpreneur activation was made for you.


As soul and spirit led entrepreneurs, we don't always have the support we need to run a business in the "modern" world.


Maybe you've hired a business coach that left you wanting more "woo" and spiritually based techniques

or you haven't found a guide who has resonated with you on a soul level.


That happened for me too! Through my struggles and successes as a spiritual entrepreneur, I have learned an incredible amount and truly want to share it with you so we can have more healthy, wealthy and aligned Starseeds out in the world.

Private Mentorship: The Sacred Self Activation

The Sacred Self Activation: Includes 3 months of customized 1:1 ceremonies to activate your highest truth, weekly  sessions to meet guides for your deepest ancestral and past life healings.


These sessions include psychic channeling, shamanic journeying, plant medicine, somatic embodiment practices and breathwork to turn your wounds to wisdom and activate your abundance codes.


During this 3 month activation you will have unlimited support, customized rituals and access to a Ceremony Space membership.