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Cosmic Connection
Cosmic Connection Call
30 minutes

Join me in a complimentary Cosmic Connection Call to explore how I can support healing or business journey through a mentorship.

Mystic Management Business Coaching/Mentorship

My passion is empowering you to make all the money you want while serving your dreams clients AND still having the energy to enjoy the fruits of your labor! How? We will intuitively look at your business together and determine where you need/want the most support. 

We will then create conscious, effective systems in your business 


I will support you in effortlessly creating new offerings and following through with the backend steps to executing these offerings that will change your clients' lives 

You will have access to a business bestie, hype woman and intuitive psychic to "heart storm" your ideas with, co-create with, and receive emotional, logistical/technical support 


Together we will explore the greater picture/ mission of your soul led business and create actionable, strategized steps for getting you there. 


I help you design project management  strategies so you can focus on the joy and excitement of your launches/client connections/ sharing your gifts, without getting lost in all the details. 

Through my support and guidance, you will get to play in the flowy, feminine, dreamer states of your business while being supported in the more masculine, organized parts of it  

I offer:

Business Coaching

Marketing Strategy

Client Outreach Support 

Sales Page Creations 

Shamanic Journeying/Channeled Messages for Clarity on the Soul of Your Business

CRM and Project Management 


And so much more that will help full your cup and keep your biz thriving!

Sacred Soul Individual Sessions

 This virtual Sacred Soul session combines energy cleansing, psychic mediumship, breath work, guided meditation, shamanic techniques and trauma informed therapy.


You will leave the session feeling lighter with clarity and recommendations for moving forward on your healing path. This session is for anyone wanting a deeper connection to Self, their Spirit team or simply in need of a deep energetic cleansing.  

Ceremonial Groups + Resources

 April offers ceremonial healing groups and events virtually and in person. Check out her current events and resources below:  

Group Mentorship
VIP Breakthrough Day
Talk Therapy Sessions
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