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Ceremony Space

Ceremony Space is on a break! Get on our newsletter(bottom of this page) for updates on future events!

A sanctuary for curious mystics to connect through purpose + play

Welcome! You've just danced into a fun, safe, playful and rich playground for mystics to come be, rest, heal, explore and expand! 


This space is for you:


To learn more about your spiritual gifts, creative path, and fullest expression

To be held in community of lovers

To commune with your whole truth 

To dance with your highest self and integrate the magic of your wholeness


We are here to redefine church. We gather to sing, bless one another and witness ourselves in returning to our childlike wonder

Ceremony Space

Ceremony Space

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What is ceremony space:


A virtual and in person sanctuary for Mystics.


A place to embody all that you are. 

A playful platform off of social media


A creative space for visionaries to meet their eternal child within


Healers, Guides, Leaders, Mystics, + Visionaries 


Psychic Readings

Tropical Parties

Creative Workshops

Dance parties + Open Mic Nights

Ancestral Ceremonies 

Moon Cycles + Circles

..and a lot more!

You are welcome in all that you are.

We celebrate you!!! 

Ceremony Space Membership
Free + pay per drop in gathering

Don't want to worry about paying a drop in fee each gathering and know you'll want to soak up as much magic as possible? Dive in with the unlimited membership. You pay a one time fee, attend as many events as you like for the year and skip the drop in fee. Unlimited access members have the option for a private Voxer support group to connect with creator of Ceremony Space, April. 



The free membership gives you access to our sanctuary, a space OFF of social media to connect with other curious mystics plus our light library full of 100+ hours of ceremony recordings, meditations + classes. With this plan, you have the autonomy to choose which gatherings you attend virtually or in person and will pay per drop in. There is no requirement to attend gatherings and we even include some free monthly gatherings for everyone to enjoy :) 

There is a variety of IN PERSON and VIRTUAL offerings each month. Virtual offerings are recorded so you can access them whether or not you can make it to the live gatherings!

 Whichever plan you choose, we're excited to see you for creative workshops, dance nights, meditations, shamanic journeys, guest experts, moon circles, and so many more Spirit led beautiful offerings. To honor your spiritual needs, your inner child, your truest self.  You are so loved, supported, and welcomed in this space. 

Ceremony Space Unlimited Membership
$555/year with unlimited access to free drop ins (save $300+/year)

For folks that are under more limited economic circumstances and/or identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color (BIPOC), we offer reduced pricing on drop ins

If you are in need of a discounted membership please reach out to April:

Come Into Ceremony With



You will rediscover your childlike creativity, potent personal rituals, sensual embodiment, divine DNA and receive healings to reconnect with your intuition and come back to the sacred balance of your mind, body and spirit.


You will be held by a loving community that is dedicated to honoring their spiritual growth as well as yours. This community is a place to lean into giving and receiving support while being seen in your true, raw energy.