Ceremony Space

A Sacred Space to Honor the Ceremony within.

Take a deep long breath. Hold it for 4 seconds, slowly breathe it out. Now, when was the last time you truly felt connected to yourself, mind, body and spirit? What would your life look like if you honored every single day as a ceremony? Through Ceremony Space, we will explore the beautiful unfolding of your most sacred, intuitive, connected self. We will come into the ceremony, together. 

We are not meant to navigate the deep, murky waters of inner healing alone. Community is everything when it comes to exploring our wounds and waking up to our wisdom! I’d love for you to join me in a community of like minded, open hearted beings from around the world seeking deeper connection to Spirit, their Ancestors and the magic of ceremony. This community, Ceremony Space is off of facebook in a private setting where we will all share, connect and gather. 

In this community, we dive deep.I have created an inspiring space for us to connect about all things spiritual, ancestral healing, and intuition. This is the community I craved when diving deep into my soul journey yet could not truly find elsewhere. I have co-created with Source to bring you monthly ceremonies, sacred challenges, intimate check ins and a warm space for people to give and receive support. There will also be guest guides, leading us in unique ceremonies!

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Ceremony Space Membership

Join the Ceremony Space community for access to meditations, shamanic journeys, guest experts, workshops, and of course: beautiful ceremonies. To honor your spiritual needs. You are so loved, supported, and welcomed in this space. 

Ancestral Abundance Academy + Ceremony Space Membership 

Ancestral Abundance Academy is a 12 week live course guiding you deep into your inner world to explore Ancestral wounds + wisdom, unlocking your greatest gifts + richest abundance. Through this membership you will also have access to Ceremony Space, a virtual community with live ceremonies exploring ancient traditions/healing modalities. 

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Come Into Ceremony With



You will learn personal rituals, lean into reflections, and receive healings  to reconnect with your intuition and come back to the sacred balance of your mind, body and spirit.


You will be held by a loving community that is dedicated to honoring their spiritual growth as well as yours. This community is a place to lean into giving and receiving support while being seen in your true, raw energy.


Your Spiritual Team

You will connect and tend your relationships with your Spirit Guides, Source and Ancestors through ritual and healing ceremonies. We all have a spiritual team waiting to pour into us. You will learn to nourish and embrace these relationships for the highest good of all. 

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Within this community you will also be the first to hear about new courses such as Ancestral Abundance Academy which is a 12 week course where we will be journeying in ceremony together weekly! There will be more courses to come and you will get first dibs on these offerings while in the community. 


Each Month You Will Receive: 

- Guided Shamanic Journey/Ceremony

- Journaling Prompts

- A Guest Guide Leading You in Sacred Ceremony

- Channeled Messages/Activities to Initiate Deeper Spiritual Connections Between You + Your Spirit Team

We already have a great Guest Guide line up including:

- Cacao ceremony

- Sensual movement

-  Somatic coaching

- Yoga

- Voice activations

- Energy healing

- Breathwork 

- Sound healing 

- And so many more juicy, intimate ceremonies 


I would love to connect more frequently, more deeply and hold each other accountable in this spiritual transformation especially in 2021! Consistency is key, and this community is here for you.


With love,



This community is open to all. All you beautiful spirits are welcome to join. 

A portion of proceeds go toward Indigenous communities of South Dakota