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Hi, I'm April  Jay, .your Psychic Coach 

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As Seen In

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I'm really glad you're here. Especially if any of these are you: 

You feel you have intuitive gifts waiting to be explored




You're going through a major life transition and want support through it

You're noticing patterns holding you back from living the life you've always dreamed of and you're ready to heal these patterns 




You spent the past 3 hours scrolling instagram hoping to find a magical answer to all your life obstacles but end up just laughing at memes because you are checked the efff out and too burnt out to actually problem solve

Well. I see you, I've been you. And now I'm here for you. 


Take a breath, beloved. There IS hope for you.  


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Group Psychic Sessions
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Individual Psychic/ Energy Healing Sessions
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About Me

Hi, I’m April Jay, a psychic coach and healer here to help you develop your intuition so you can trust yourself and lead a life you absolutely love. With over a decade working in mental + spiritual health, my super power is psychic channeling while being compassionate and trauma informed.  I'm a top rated psychic in Portland, Oregon serving clients all over the world.  My passion is empowering you to know your inner voice. 


My belief for you:  You are meant to live a life you truly desire. Many people don't do this because of the inner stories that keep them stuck, unwell or living a life other people project onto them. I want you living the life YOU want. We can discover that by leaning into your intuition and inner Spirit. 


I know the pain of ignoring my inner voice, denying my desires and gifts. Through divine intervention, Spirit woke me the f up and showed me what I was meant to do with my life, how I was meant to BE in the world and it was not what I had been currently doing. So through that "awakening" or what I call a bitch slap from the Universe, I learned to listen to my intuition and build a dream life by taking my power back and now living in my soul's calling.  I want this for you. 


I know what it’s like to know there's much more to this life that you're meant to experience and enjoy but not knowing where to start. 

So here I am, ready to help guide you back to YOU, that voice within, that wisdom, that holds all the keys to your juiciest, healthiest, most enjoyable life. 




I’ve been seeing April for energy work for a few years now. We have done a variety of sessions and journeys and they have all been profoundly healing on all planes- physically, emotionally, spiritually. My last visit with April, she led me through a journey to connect with and heal my Ancestral line. It was by far one of the most loving and expanding and mystical experiences I’ve had. I’m forever grateful to April and the beautiful work she is doing in the world. She has a depth to how she sees you and holds space for your healing that I’ve never seen. Stoked for many more journeys ahead.’



April showed up in my journey exactly how and when I needed. The guidance style and mentorship she offers in sessions and community is a harmonious blend of real time divine essence paired with powerful ancient wisdom. The medicine April offers is a rare combination of the ethereal + practical and her ability to hold safe sacred space for her clients and fellows continually inspires me. If you’re feeling led to work with April, trust your intuition- her spiritual allyship is valuable beyond measure.



I  have known and worked with April for over a year and a half now, and I can truly say that her gift of channeling and holding space for people is incredible.  Her healing services and mentorship have been an integral part of my healing journey. It really kick started my self awareness and self awakening. She guides in such a way that helps you see that you have it within you to heal.


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