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Hi, I'm April  Jay, .your Mystic Manager  

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I'm really glad you're here. Especially if any of these are you: 

You found my site after frantically searching on Indeed for a job you would hate because your business is on the brink of failure




You canceled another weekend trip with friends because you're behind on the program you're launching Monday

You're stuck at your day job, sitting on incredible intuitive gifts, excited to share them with the world but not sure how you’ll start




You spent the past 3 hours scrolling instagram hoping to find a magical answer to all your business problems but end up just laughing at memes because you are checked the efff out and too burnt out to actually problem solve

Well. I see you, I've been you. And now I'm here for you. 


Take a breath, beloved. There IS hope for you.  


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Business Mystic Management Services 
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Psychic/ Energy Healing Sessions
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About Me

Hi, I’m April Jay, a psychic healer and mystic manager for soul aligned CEOs, healers and femme founders.  I’m here to support you and your business so you can make more money while serving your dream clients.. and not burning out. 


My belief for you: You are meant to serve the world through your unique purpose without feeling burnt out and overwhelmed! You are meant to offer your magical gifts while being healthy, wealthy and inspired. You are worthy of the support you need to live in alignment with your truth. 


Take a journey with me. Imagine, you’re running the business of your dreams, offering the medicine + magic you are here to serve up while feeling incredibly supported by someone who sees you and holds the mantra of your business with you! Imagine you have energy and inspiration to enjoy your life outside of work! Imagine making helllllaaaaa money because your business has a true foundation under it. 


Imagine you have a business bestie to share your ideas with, get feedback and then have that person to actually help you execute those ideas into reality! Sounds like a real catch, right? Well it’s me, baby! I’m your Mystic Manager. 


I ran an intuitive healing business for 6 years  as one of Portland's top psychics and before that worked in mental health so I know the desire of wanting to serve clients while feeling incredibly overwhelmed.


I know the pain of being unable to do my life’s work because I spent hours, let’s be real, months ummm years spinning in circles trying to build a foundation for my business with little time to actually then see my clients. Or in the times my business was super successful, I was seeing my clients, lots of them, but then had no support in the daily tasks the biz needed in order to be healthy. So I was living in alignment with my gifts but my relationships suffered, especially the one with myself.  


I know what it’s like to deeply desire health, wealth, abundance while serving the world but having no idea where to start. 


I noticed this challenge in nearly ALL my holistic practitioner colleagues too. Then I realized that my healer friends, my divine feminine powerful practitioner peers were coming to me often wanting support with creating their visions and grounding them into the world. I witnessed myself absolutely LIT up helping my fellow healers gain clarity and confidence with their businesses. 


So here I am, ready to serve you, so you can serve and lead from a grounded, cup OVERflowing space. 


I describe myself as a competent, mystical Michael Scott ( if you haven’t seen the office, just go watch 1 episode to bring some levity to your day;) Michael is an archetype I resonate with because he’s fun loving and a ridiculous goof but he sees the good in people and desires to uplift them. I’m here for that. I love to have fun and not take it all so seriously while helping you create structure so you can have more fun in your work. 


You can make so much more money if you didn’t have to respond to every email, organize another Google drive folder, or get stuck overthinking your next offer.  I’m here to empower the empowerers. Why? Because when you’re supported, more people get to heal and transform. That’s the world I want to live in. 


I’m so over seeing healers be the modern day martyrs with declining health and empty pockets in order to make the world a better place. Those days are over. 


The mystics are here to make money, honey. 


Sure, it’s not all about the money. But when you have a business, it kind of is. You need to be making money. Otherwise you have an expensive hobby ;)


So let’s get started. Let’s create magic, make you lots of money all while having space to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


I’ve hired business coaches who empowered me to create soul aligned offerings but I didn’t have the time or space to execute them. 


I’ve hired virtual assistants who helped with tasks, yes, but lacked the spiritual vision I craved in a team member. 


I learned the hard way that I needed someone who was spiritual, inuitive, yet structured and organized. I never found that person so I became her! And now she wants to serve your soul’s mission. 


I’m here to:

+Empower you beyond childhood/past life/ancestral wounds that keep you playing small in your biz

+Address your money wounds with you in compassionate, clear ways(I still use my 10+ years of shamanic therapy skills;) 

+Dream up your next powerful offering with you 

+Create conscious and effective systems to attract your dream clients 

+Manage back end projects so you can focus on the hands on magic with your clients 

+ Design actionable + strategic sales plans to scale your business in a profound, sustainable way

+Hype you up AND help you focus on self care during launches 



I’ve been seeing April for energy work for a few years now. We have done a variety of sessions and journeys and they have all been profoundly healing on all planes- physically, emotionally, spiritually. My last visit with April, she led me through a journey to connect with and heal my Ancestral line. It was by far one of the most loving and expanding and mystical experiences I’ve had. I’m forever grateful to April and the beautiful work she is doing in the world. She has a depth to how she sees you and holds space for your healing that I’ve never seen. Stoked for many more journeys ahead.’



April showed up in my journey exactly how and when I needed. The guidance style and mentorship she offers in sessions and community is a harmonious blend of real time divine essence paired with powerful ancient wisdom. The medicine April offers is a rare combination of the ethereal + practical and her ability to hold safe sacred space for her clients and fellows continually inspires me. If you’re feeling led to work with April, trust your intuition- her spiritual allyship is valuable beyond measure.



I  have known and worked with April for over a year and a half now, and I can truly say that her gift of channeling and holding space for people is incredible.  Her healing services and mentorship have been an integral part of my healing journey. It really kick started my self awareness and self awakening. She guides in such a way that helps you see that you have it within you to heal.


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