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How to Cleanse, Protect + Empower Your Energy Centers

Our energy centers are areas in within that link us to what we see + feel beyond the physical. They are often referred to as a gateway to your spiritual self. Commonly known as "Chakras." Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel." The centers were essentially named "wheel" because of the shape and the spinning tendency they have, which exist in our subtle energy body, the non-physical counterpart to our body.

Our energy centers also communicate to other energy centers in people, places, animals etc. that you come into contact with. Depending on your cultural context, history with trauma, attachment style and so many other factors, your energy centers may be naturally open or more closed when interacting in the world. Some refer to those with more open energy centers as "empaths." That being said, people with more open energy centers tend to take on excess energy in their centers from their external world, creating what I refer to as, "energetic clutter."

When energetic clutter gathers, it forms blocks in our energy centers. Everyone experiences energy blocks uniquely but common consequences of energy blocks are: fatigue, lack of clarity, overwhelm/anxiousness, physical aches or injuries sometimes resulting in major physical illnesses, chronic pain, and a whole lot more. Either way, blocked energy centers are not a great time. So what do we do about it?

Being proactive is super helpful when it comes to maintaining healthy energy centers. By that I mean protecting them and caring for them in ways that promote resilience. Think about an a energy center like a muscle. You want to build your muscles up so if you did experience an injury, your muscle can protect you and hopefully result in minimal harm from the experience. Same thing for energy centers. Build them up, listen to them, care for them so when you do bump into other energies your centers won't be as fragile or susceptible to harm. I outline how to do this below!

Then of course, there is the "reactive" approach to caring for energy centers. We are human, we aren't constantly thinking about protecting our centers. So yes, we're going to pick up on and often collect others' energies within us. Sh*t happens. And luckily there are ways to cleanse in order to not keep those energies within us. Yay for cleansing! Let's chat about some ways to do all of this. But first, where are our energy centers? There are many theories, cultures + ways of identifying where the centers are so I won't list just one way of seeing energy centers. I've always loved the way Caroline Myss refers to the energy centers. Here is a great reference for ONE way to see energy centers. I list a few more at the bottom of the blog.


Since energies are imprinted in the womb through DNA and at birth it is also important to have an understanding of the energies impacting us at the time we entered into this world, not just the energies we bump into daily. Soul retrieval work, womb cleansing and energy healing are all helpful in doing so. If negative energies were present during this time of your life, consistent energy healing and soul work to cleanse the DNA and energetic makeup may be helpful.

Daily energy cleansing is beneficial in keeping yourself aligned with your energies rather than those around you. This can be done as many times as you would like throughout the day depending on your need and preference.

Ways to cleanse:


-Use your hands to brush energy across your body, down your arms and over your head, lifting any stuck energy up and out of your energy field.

-Zipper exercise: Visualize zipping down your body, brushing energies out, up and away, then zipping back up with peaceful light energy. Visualization is extremely effective in cleansing!

Actual Bathing

-Taking a shower/bath at the end of your day and visualize the negative energy being washed away (use a few drops of essential oils to better support energy centers (see below for ideas)


You can use a number of tools to smudge. Many people prefer smoke when cleansing. Palo Santo and Sage are powerful tools to do so, However, please be aware of your use of these plants as they are sacred to certain Indigenous communities and some are endangered. I like to use incense or herbs such as lavender or lemongrass. Whatever you use, show gratitude for the plants and use discernment when utilizing them. Hold the burning plant over areas that may need cleansing and say a prayer or mantra to cleanse. You can also use sound to cleanse. I use a little singing bowl and gently play the bowl while allowing the vibrations of the sounds to clear me of any stagnant energy.


Protecting our energies before, during and after an exposure to others’ influential energy may prevent fatigue, physical ailments, unaligned decision making and burnout.

-Picture an energy shield of white light around your entire being. Ask this light to protect you. Sit in meditation picturing this light growing bigger around you. Feel its warmth and allow it to travel to your energy centers that feel most vulnerable.

-Use essential oils/blends to protect. See the list below for specific suggestions. My friend Megan Grace is super wise and passion about using oils for caring four our physical and energetic bodies so feel free to reach out to her to get your oil fix. Oils are natural psychic and physical protectors. Rolling oils on the area of your energy centers can be useful in creating an energetic barrier.


Empowering our energies is essential to living out our truths. If we are empowered, it is easier for our energy centers to best serve us rather than negatively impact our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. When we are empowered, we are able to fully step into our highest vibrational selves and our gifts.


There are so many amazing affirmation ideas out there! I will share a few but an affirmation truly has to fit for your needs so play around with them, try them out and see what feels best.

1. I call upon protection and strength for _______(my spleen, my heart, my wisdom, etc)

2. I have strength, power, conviction and confidence. My energy gives me all I need.

3. Imagine a light surrounding your entire being or a specific energy center, let it grow with each breath. Say: “I am a divine being, My energies are sacred and cleansed. With each decision I lovingly empower ____center.

4.Howing gratitude for that part of your body through mantra: Thank you ____(heart, third eye, etc.) for helping me open, vulnerable, loving and honest. I thank you.

5. I am protected from energies that aren’t mine. I hold beautiful boundaries that give me inner strength.

On setting boundaries: Ask yourself: Is this person’s energy positively influencing me today, draining me or empowering me? Of course we cannot always shield ourselves from energies that deplete us (this is why we protect and cleanse) But it is SO okay to set energetic boundaries when needed.

Examples include: “I need to check in with myself energetically before I agree to that. Please give me time to decide.” “I don’t have enough energetic resources to do that today.” “It’s not in my best interest to participate in that today.” “I can’t energetically prioritize that today.” I recognize not all of these may sound initially super cool or fun to say out loud but the more you use them, the easier they become, leading you to fill your cup up rather than deplete it!

Crystals/Oils Suggestions

Head-Amethyst Stone, Lime oil

Ajna- Labradorite Stone, Rosemary/Sandalwood Oil

Throat- Turquoise Stone, Lavender or Breathe OIl

Identity-Orange Calcite, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon Oil

Heart-Rose Quartz, Moss Agate, Jasmine or Rose Oil

Solar Plexus-Citrine, Pine or Ginger Oil

Spleen- Amber, Yellow Jasper, Lemon or Fennel Oil

Sacral- Carnelian Stone, Neroli Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil

Root- Red Jasper Stone, Patchouli

Cleansing and setting intentions for your crystals is essential. There are many ways to do this and frequency depends on the stone and your use of it. Stones may be cleansed with energy, high vibrational words, breath, sunlight, salt water, non salt water, moonlight or by putting the stones back into the earth to recharge. Use discernment when deciding which method is best for your stone and how often!

I hope you try out these suggestions for Cleansing, Protecting and Empowering your energy centers. Remember, each person’s ritual and results vary. It is most important to try different suggestions out and see what serves your energy best. To learn more about these protective, empowering, cleansing rituals, join our virtual spiritual community, Ceremony Space, where we meet to connect about all things energy, healing + spirituality!

Love and cleansing to you as you empower your energy,


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