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The Thirst For Something More: A Client's Journey With Energy Healing

Written By Lauren Allen, January 27th, 2021

Firstly, it is an honor to share my experience and journey working with April the last 6 months and counting. So many beautiful things, both tangible and intangible, have come from this work.

My work with April began in August 2020. I had just turned 26 years old, and my thirst for something ‘more’ in life was ever growing. My career as an Executive Assistant at a large corporation did not sit well with me, simply ‘just a paycheck’, and I had felt myself completely removed from my own power, unable to voice myself in most of my relationships both at work and personal.

I have always ‘felt energy’ and was curious to explore what this ‘energy’ is and how it affects my well-being. I typed into google, found April’s website, and was immediately drawn to April’s light aesthetic and sense of peace and acceptance. Without hesitation, I took the leap and scheduled a session. The thought did cross my mind, ‘how will this work?’ especially in COVID times when things feel so disconnected virtually. I let these thoughts pass though since I did not want to block what I could potentially be receiving and let me say, being virtual had no effect whatsoever in receiving.

I went into our first energy healing session with little expectation but some true intentions.

A couple of the intentions/questions I had going into the session with April were:

1. Finding out what is blocking me from calling in a romantic partner

2. Guidance on how to align with my highest truth so I can set myself into a line of work that has deep meaning for me

3. How can I get in touch with my ‘gut’, my intuition, to build trust with myself again?

April gave me messages from spirit during our session that resonated so deeply in me, even if I did not understand what they meant at the time. I wrote down the messages in a journal and to this day, still look back at them and can see what some of those messages meant. I like to think of them as my personal mantras.

I scheduled more sessions simply because I felt for the first time in a while, tapping into this intuition within me was the thing I really needed. I feel very safe to be myself with April and she truly holds the space as a guide, encourager, and mentor so that I can truly explore spirit and gain my own discernment and understanding.

My life has changed in so many tangible and intangible ways since starting work with April. A couple of weeks after our first session, I met my now partner who I feel so aligned with on a spiritual and emotional level. I attribute calling in a healthy partner for the first time in years, to the work we did in clearing space and blocks I had been carrying when it came to love. I also took a huge step and ended a very enmeshed friendship with someone I had known for 7 years after truly seeing the relationship was not serving me and only causing me harm. I left my job as an executive assistant for a position in diversity, equity, and inclusion. I also decided to take up a sober lifestyle this year after realizing I could be so filled through things that were not temporarily giving me satisfaction.

This work is not about giving things up in order to be ‘pure’ or ‘holy’ in any sense. The more you fill with things that quench your spirit and who you are, the easier it becomes to not turn to those escapes and crutches you once used that hinder your growth.

These are all things in hindsight I never knew would shift after starting this work - one key thing I would mention is I have not put a timeline on the transformation of this work. I did not look for a ‘quick fix’ but rather something deep that could pour into myself. In the last 6 months alone, I have been able to develop a completely different lifestyle that includes daily ‘altar time’, a time of quiet, reflection, and surrender, where I can go within.

April encouraged me to setup an altar space – a place I could go to daily to sit, reflect, sing, write, and do whatever I need to connect back to spirit and to me.

This work is not easy, but goes to a depth that leads way to a life I can fully say I have ownership over. If you are curious about this work, just know there is a reason that curiosity is planted in you.

Take the leap and trust.

To schedule a session with April visit: Services | I Am April Jay

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